15m Vivier Crabber
Darren Warters 

Description of Boat
The boat is to be a steel hulled motor fishing vessel of double chine, transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter, arranged for static gear creel fishing, fitted with a vivier tank and dry hold, and manned by a crew of 6 men.    01 Jim_marking_out_for_new_contract.jpg (18436 bytes)
Jim marking out for new contract
02 First_consignment_of_steel_arrives_for_new_contract.jpg (19602 bytes)
First consignment of steel arrives for new contract
03 Accommodation_section.jpg (18119 bytes)
Accommodation section
04 Lifting_vivier_tank.jpg (17187 bytes)
Lifting vivier tank
05 Manoeuvreing_engin_room_to_keel.jpg (19383 bytes)
Maneuvering engine room to keel
06_Deck_plates_coming_aboard.jpg (16520 bytes)
Deck plates coming aboard

Plating has commenced on hull
    07_Plating_has_commenced_on_hull.jpg (16883 bytes) 08_Rigging_accommodation_section_for_lifting.jpg (17821 bytes)
Rigging accommodation section for lifting

Below  deck  to  be  subdivided  by  four  watertight  bulkheads  into:  aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, vivier, hold  and forepeak.    

Arial view of Crabber
    09 Arial_view_of_Crabber.jpg (17260 bytes) 10_Bulwarks_almost_complete.jpg (14478 bytes)
Bulwarks almost complete
11 Rudder_post_being_put_into_position.jpg (16763 bytes)
Rudder post being put into position
12_Outer_stern_tube_arrives_on_site.jpg (15529 bytes)
Outer stern tube 
13 Five_inch_pump_for_vivier_tank.jpg (15749 bytes)
Five inch pump for vivier tank
The main deck is to have a steel galley, mess and washroom casing, on starboard side, aft.  
Pot hauling position at starboard, forward.  Pot shooting door in transom bulwark.  
14_Auxiliary_engine_arrives.jpg (15769 bytes)
Auxiliary engine
17_Main_engine_arrives.jpg (16420 bytes)
Main engine

    20_Under_shelter_deck.jpg (17388 bytes) 21_Birds_eye_view_showing_shelter_deck_completed.jpg (12842 bytes)
Birds eye view showing shelter deck completed
17_Welding_in_place_outer_stern_tube.jpg (15641 bytes)
Welding in place outer stern tube
22_Prop_now_in_place.jpg (12436 bytes)
Prop now in place
23_Prop.jpg (15739 bytes)

Main construction of galley now completed
    18_Main_construction_of_galley_now_completed_.jpg (13593 bytes) 16_Fordward_hatch_being_fitted.jpg (15349 bytes)
Fordward hatch being fitted.
Shelter to be non-weathertight, aluminium forward, and open over pot hauling area.  

Wheel house coming aboard

25_Wheel_house_coming_aboard.jpg (12436 bytes)

27 wave_breaker_fitted.jpg (16498 bytes)
wave breaker fitted
24_.jpg (13505 bytes)
26 Engine_room.jpg (19054 bytes)
28 Engine_room_with_main_engine__vivier_pump.jpg (21658 bytes)
Engine room with main engine & vivier pump
Aluminium, aft wheelhouse, and fore mast on shelter.   29 Stearing_completed_.jpg (15815 bytes)
Stearing completed
30_Plumbing_in_engine_room_for_galley__accommodation.jpg (16800 bytes)
Plumbing in engine room for galley & accommodation
Main Dimensions 

Siwrengale gets her name
    32 Siwrengale_gets_her_name.jpg (16532 bytes) 31_Owner_and_boat_gets_a_blessing.jpg (14807 bytes)
Owner and boat gets a blessing

Length overall 14.95 metres   

Length register 14.15 metres   

Breadth moulded 5.90 metres   

Depth moulded 3.50 metres   

Fuel capacity 8,900 litres   

Fresh water capacity 2,500 litres   

Vivier gross volume (approx) 23,000 litres   

15crDWIG pg5

Lifting into water
    34_.jpg (14649 bytes)
33_Siwrengale_sits_safely_in_the_water.jpg (15863 bytes)
Siwrengale sits safely in the water

Wheel house
    35._Wheel_house.jpg (18678 bytes) 39.Siwrengales_auxiliary_engin.jpg (15903 bytes)
auxiliary engine
37._View_of_accommodation.jpg (14404 bytes)
View of accommodation
38._.jpg (17392 bytes)
View of galley
36._Siwrengale_in_Whitby_harbour.jpg (17705 bytes)
Siwrengale in Whitby harbor



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