17mtr Vivier Crabber 

Mr. R. Norquoy 
 Celtic Dawn Fishing Ltd.

Steel arrives for new Vivier crabber Plans for vivier crabber Vivier section under construction Pipe system in vivier tank
The boat is to be a steel hulled motor fishing vessel of double chine, transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with a full-length shelter deck.
Side view of vivier Vivier section end view  Vivier section complete
Keel laid for Celtic Dawn Start of skeg plating
Vivier tank section comes out of fabrication shed Vivier being lifted into position The vessel is to be arranged for static gear creel fishing having a vivier tank, freezer bait store and dry hold. A crew of six men will man it.
Accommodation comes out of fabrication shed Accommodation Into final position Front view of hold Bulbous nose out of fabrication shed coming into position View from above Plating well on the way to completion
 Bulwark top rail under construction  Bulwark top rail in place and plating under way looking aft Accommodation painted Hull near completion Below deck will be subdivided by four watertight bulkheads into: - aft accommodation with shower and steering gear, engine room, vivier tank/hold and forepeak.
One of the auxiliary engine comes on board One of the vivier pumps comes on board Steering gear fitted into accommodation also bunks under construction Main engine Caterpillar 3406 coming on board, down the hatch and into position Second auxiliary engine comes on board
Shelter deck coming on board Accommodation showing steering gear compartment The main deck is to have steel: - galley/mess, skippers cabin, toilet and oilskin locker positioned starboard side aft. Pot hauling position at starboard side forward. Pot shooting door in port transom bulwark. Focsle store. Pipe work under way on one of the Vivier pumps Keel coolers fitted
Stainless steel insert fitted in hold and pipe work under way Wheel house coming on board Lobby area painted out Back gouging seams


The shelter deck to be non-weather tight, aluminum and open over pot hauling area. Aluminum aft wheelhouse and fore mast on shelter. Fitting stern tube Gear box lowered into engin room
Hauler with aluminum outrigger arm Pipe work under way after galvanizing Prop fitted Fitting out galley nearing completion
 Building cool store under way Rock wool insulation starter in wheelhouse View inside vivier tank Painting under way Work in engine room nearing completion Scaffolding now removed to reveal paint work
Main Dimensions  Sarens crane starts the lift Swinging across the yard to the river
Work in the galley is about completed Length Overall    

16.95 meters 

Length Register  16.15 meters 
Breadth moulded 5.90 meters Lowering into the water Celtic Dawns sits in Whitby harbor
Construction of instrument panel in wheel house Depth moulded  3.50 meters
Fuel capacity 8,900 liters  Sea trials
Fresh water capacity 2500 liters   
Boarding out of fish room almost complete Vivier gross volume 30,000 litres approx
Gross tonnage 106 GT Under the shelter deck - looking forward  Pots and warps being stowed
Galley Wheel house

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