15m Gill Netter

Built for Nick Chapman in 2002          

01_laying_keel.jpg (28246 bytes)
laying keel
02_engine_beds.jpg (19096 bytes)
engine beds
The boat is to be a steel hulled motor fishing vessel of double chine, transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter, arranged for gill net fishing, having dry hold for boxed fish, and be manned by a maximum crew of 5 men.
04_fishrooms_frames_and_bulbus_bow.jpg (28266 bytes)
fish rooms frames and bulbus bow
06 Plateing of hull.jpg (14337 bytes)
Plateing of hull
07 plateing of bulbus bow.jpg (16842 bytes)
plateing of bulbus bow
03_engineroom_bulkhead.jpg (20497 bytes)
engine room bulkhead
09 Bulwark_stanchions_3.jpg (16592 bytes)
Bulwark stanchions
Below deck to be subdivided by three watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, hold and forepeak. 12 Fitting_of_berths.jpg (24595 bytes)
Fitting of berths
08 Accommodtion_Painted_ready_for_fit_out_2.jpg (19424 bytes)
Accommodation Painted ready for fit out

11 Cat_3406_Twin_Disc_Gear_Box.jpg (26147 bytes)
Cat 3406 
Twin Disc Gear Box

10 Axuiliary_engine.jpg (17885 bytes)
Auxiliary engine
13 Fitting_of_steering_gear.jpg (19504 bytes)
Fitting of steering gear
14 Galley.jpg (21742 bytes)
16 Under_aft_shelter_deck.jpg (34665 bytes)
Under aft shelter deck
15 Stern_tube_fitted.jpg (20175 bytes)
Stern tube fitted
18 Forward_view_of_wheel_house.jpg (14791 bytes)
Forward view of wheel house
21 Work_on_fitting_out_wheel_house_started.jpg (14779 bytes)
Work on fitting out wheel house
19 View_from_cherry_picker.jpg (15957 bytes)
View from cherry picker
The main deck is to have a steel galley, mess and washroom casing, on port side, midships. Net hauling position to starboard, forward.
22 Aluminium_deck_painted_with_etching_primer_W.jpg (17244 bytes)
Aluminium deck painted with etching primer
17 Fabrication_of_wheel_house_mast.jpg (38257 bytes)
Fabrication of wheel house mast
24 New_winch_fitted_into_Jacinith.jpg (16531 bytes)
New winch fitted
20 Christmas lights for Gill netter.jpg (17829 bytes)
Christmas lights
23 Fish_processing_elevator_installed.jpg (16952 bytes)
Fish processing elevator installed

Net shooting hatches in aft end of shelter.
Shelter to be non-weathertight, aluminium clear of the galley casing, and have a forward hauling hatch and aft shooting hatches.
Aluminium, wheelhouse, wheelhouse mast, fore mast and mizzen mast.

26 Berlewin.jpg (17020 bytes) 25 BERLEWEN_gets_her_emblem_.jpg (16546 bytes)
27 Deadicaction.jpg (15245 bytes)
28 Berlewen_on_her_successful_trials.jpg (17383 bytes)
Successful sea trials
29 Berlewens_wheel_house.jpg (16449 bytes)

31 Berlewens_fish_room.jpg (16724 bytes)
Fish room
30 Engine_room.jpg (19165 bytes)
Engine room
Main Dimensions

length overall 
length register
Breadth moulded
Depth moulded
Fuel capacity
Fresh water capacity
Ice capacity

14.95 metres

14.15 metres

 5.90 metres

 3.50 metres

13,620 litres

  2,500 litres

     8 tonnes

32 Accommodation_on_Berlewen.jpg (11771 bytes)
33 The_Loo.jpg (9527 bytes)The Loo 34 Owner_in_the_galley.jpg (12899 bytes)

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