For Star Fishing Ltd

Started Jaunuary 2006

Steel hulled  motor fishing vessel , double chine, transom stern, bulbous bow, soft nose stem and rigged for scallop dredge fishing, with dredge emptying doors and catch handling conveyors for 10 dredges per side. 

First steel arrives for Star fishing companies 19 metre scallop Welders fabricating frames Frames ready for assembly Costruction of accommodation under way Construction of fuel tanks Plating up on accommodation Engine beds and engine room bulkhead under construction Later in the week engine room construction
going well

Below deck to be subdivided by four watertight bulkheads into:
aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, hold and
forepeak tank/sonnar/gear store.

Showing engine room bulkhead Engine room and accommodation modules Ballast arrives for ballast keel Ballast keel now setup in yard awaiting modules  
Engine room module comes
out of fabrication shed
and into final position
Accommodation module out of fabrication shed and into final position Final adjustments Plating well under way James welding plates inside bulbous nose

Aft deckhouse for combined galley and mess, washroom, lobby and workshop, with wheelhouse over. 

Fabrication of bulbous nose Bulbous nose nearing completion Bulbous nose comes out of fabrication shed Plating on port side nearly complete
Galley casing under construction Galley casing stern view Galley casing Work started on aft bulwaks Forward bulkhead Winch beds in place Lifting bulbous nose Coming into position
Scaffold being erected ready
for cover
Painting and insulation in accommodation block Joiners started work in accommodation block Birds eye view of forward section Aluminium arrives for construction of shelter deck Outrigger arms under construction Fabrication of wheel house started Insulation and panelling under way in galley and mess deck

Main deck working area to have split trawl winches, hinged outrigger arms, dredge pulling in winches, with catch conveyors and dredge emptying doors incorporated into bulwark sides.

Construction of forward mast Fitting stern tube Out rigger arms fitted
Engine room  Diese tank being fittedl Welding Aluminum
whale back
Scotch lifting poles on deck being prepared for lifting into position and in final postion Cat main engine in position reay for installation Radar mast under construction Main mast in final position

Focsle catch sorting, washing and handling, compartment

Water doors and hatches ready for fitting Panelling in galley and mess deck Fitting put galley area under way  Lockers in accommodation under construction
Watertight doors now fitted Conveyers arrive Lifting port side tipping door Under forward shelter deck

Shelter deck fitted over the main deck, inboard of dredges, between deckhouse and focsle.

Main split winches comming on board Main hydraulic tank comming on board Comming down into engine room Lifting wheel house In final position Starboard side conveyor and tipping door
Joiner at work in accommodation block Star of Juar gets her name
welded on
Welding under aluminium whale back
Bow finn under construction Andrew making final adjustments to stern tube Prop shaft fitted Fitting sonar tube in bows Protection covers now in place
Fitting stainless steel hydraulic pipes under shelter deck Insulation in fish room complete and ready for Warkus boards Main hydraulic tank fitted and pipe work commenced
Hand rails fitted and ready
 for welding
Progress in galley  Joiner fitting out in wheel house  Fitting and aligning gear box Gear box now fitted and aligned
Wheel house windows fitted Painting wheel house Box coolers have arrived Main generator for electricity Engine to drive hydraulics and backup generator Bilge keel fitted and prerparing to fit box cooler Laying hard wood floor in forward working area Preparing Lips nozzel for fitting

 Lips prop now fitted Fitting Lips nozzel Propeller and Lips nozzel fitted Installing engine to drive hydraulics and backup generator Main generator installed Gilsen winches arrive Installing trays to take electric cables in wheel house
Crew of 5 men. Fitting rudder Main Dimensions
Length Overall  18.90 meters
Length Register  16.49 meters 
Pipe work in engine room well under way Fitting pipe work and valves in engine room Fitting out workshop area Breadth moulded 7.00 meters Pipes ready for final welding
Depth moulded 4.05 meters
Draught aft (design) 4.2  metres 
Fuel capacity (approx) 20,000 liters 
Stainless steel sink and tea boiler fitted in galley Corking floor in forward work area Electrical engineer fitting instruments Fresh water capacity  3,000 liters   Pipes welded and ready for galvanising
Hold capacity (approx)  250 bags
Painting hull under way Hull painted  Preparing for white line  Name completed on wheel house Covers come off Star of Jura
ready for launch on 7Th Oct
Cold store near completion Making final adjustments in sona compartment Pipes arrive back from galvanising
Star fishing company crest on bow Sarens crane takes the strain Star of Jura Settles into Whitby harbour Photo shoot Up and coming generation



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