Reliance II

A 19 Metre Twin Rig Trawler

 For Mr John Clark

Started September 2008
Completed June 2009

Steel hulled motor fishing vessel, having double chine hull, transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with a three quarter length shelter. Arranged for single and twin rig trawling.

Steel started arriving for John Clarks new boatConstructing frames start 
Fish room-engin room bulkhead under constructionAccommodation-engine room bulkhead under construction Now assembling accommodation moduleFitting frames on accommodation module completed.Transom under construction Fuel tank under constructionLifting Transom into positionKeel ballast now arrived Fitting fish room frames 
Engine beds under constructionAccommodation block Inside accommodation block Keel box sections arriveLaying box keel Final welding on engine bedsRigging engine beds ready for lifting Coming into position Lifting starboard fuel tankComing into position 
Fitted into position Lifting engine room bulk headNow in positionPort fuel tank now fittedFitting frames in engine room now completeLifting into positionPreparing accommodation section for lifting 
Lifting into positionBirds eye viewPlating now well under wayWelding deck plates in fish room areaBirds eye view of deck platingPlating on starboard side well under wayGear box arrivesPlating now near completionConstruction of galley casing now under way  
Tack welding to deckBirds eye view of net drums and galley casingAft shelter under constructionFabricating forward bulk head ready for bulbous bow sectionConstruction of bulbous bow section under wayView of galley casing, looking aftWelding inside galley casing Welding in engine roomBirds eye view of aft shelter with net drums 
Progress on forward section and boulbus bow Welding in fish room Fitting emergency escape hatch from accommodation Gang way from aft to forward

Below deck to be subdivided by three watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, fishroom and forepeak tank/store.

Fabricating aft gantryWorking on bow sectionForward section completeFabricating banana towing bar Banana towing bar and power block crane now fitted Banana towing bar showing centre wire block Lips nozzle in place ready for fittingForward section coming into lifting areaStarting lift Coming into final position 
Aft gantry and power block crane looking aft Rudder tube now fittedStearn tube now fittedWalls in galley now studded ready for paintingJoiners laying flooring in accommodationEngine arrives ready for fittingWindows in wheel house near completionPlating of hull well under way
 Shelter deck under constructionFire proof insulation near completion in galley-mess deck 

The main deck is to have an athwartships, steel casing centred aft of midships for galley, mess and washroom. Aft side to have a steel shelter and integral gallow arrangement over net drums. Forward, to have a non-weathertight, aluminium alloy shelter space for fish handling and winch.

Fish hopper Progress in accommodation Stern tube now fitted 
Shelter deck now completed Protective sheeting now being fitted around work areaRadar mast under constructionCod end landing frame now fittedRemoving decking for access to engine room Rigging hydraulic engine for lifting into engine room  Lowering into engine room Coming into positionAuxiliary generator going into engine room  Manoeuvreing into position  
Rigging mitsubishi main engine for liftMain engine coming onboard Coming into engine roomWheel house now fitted on deck Galley-mess deck insulation now completed  Protection bars being fitted to stern end sidesProp being fittedFinal welding on hull Progress in accommodation Floor being fitted in wheel house 
 Lobby area stud welded and ready for paintingProtection cover now erected Insulation in wheel house near completionDurastic flooring & decking co laying floor in galley, mess deck Painting landing frame also wheel house Centre console under construction and panelingSeating in mess deck under constructionStainless steel hydraulic pipe workPipe work in engine room 
 Owner John Clark and son discusing the engine roomAluminium casings for main trawl winch wires complete Hand rails under constructionPanelling in wheel house well under wayFish room now painted Building frames for monitors in wneel house

Shelter deck to have aluminium alloy wheelhouse, foremast and landing derrick, steel trawl gallows, aft crane with power block.

Fitting fish washerJoiners now fitting icy ponds and box stands in fish room Erecting fish handling gearShower room ready for final panels and flooring  
Fitting grounds to fish room roof for insulation and boards  Fitting air intake system in engine room Hand rails ready for final weldingFoam insulation in fish room completeElectrician fitting deckhead lights in fish room 
Fish conveyor under construction 
Fitting auxiliary engine exhaust system Main engine exhaust fitted  Woodson electronics fitting monitors in wheel houseFitting nozzelWelding pipe work ready for galvanizingShot blasting complete now painting under way by BulldogGantry painted Ready to be sent off for galvanizingBasket trays complete in fish handling area  
Centre console  under construction Aft console near completion Over head equipment being fitted Main Dimensions Joiners now fitting panels in fish room Panelling in fish room complete .Joiner fitting aluminium trims Final welding of deck lead covers  
Length Overall
 19.00 metres  
Length Register 16.49 metres  
Painting in engine room near completionConstruction of forward mast and wheel house mast Painting under shelter deck completeBreadth moulded 7.00 metres  Hand rails in engine room under constructionDurastic fitting vinyl wall covering in wet room 
Depth moulded 4.06 metres  
Draught aft (approx) 4.40 metres  
Gross tonnage 150 Tons approx 
Art work on bow by Paul RobinsonThree generations of the Clark family make a tour of new vessel  Bow emblem now complete Fuel capacity (approx) 18,900 litres + daily service tank

Galley - Mess deck area

Galley-Mess deck

Toilet and shower block near completion 
Fresh water capacity 4,860 litres  
Ice Locker capacity  6 tonnes 
Berths  8 
Sheets and scaffolding come off, view from west side of river Esk Sarens crane ready for lifting Reliant II into river Esk Lift startedJohn Clarks wife and daughter christen Reliant II with champagne John Clark and familyCanon David Smith blesses Reliant II  
Concrete mixer arrives with concrete ballast for Reliance II  John Clark and Jim Morrison shake on a successfull launch  
 Directing concrete into bilge keel.Tour of wheel house awaiting carpets being laidReliance II after ballast installed Fish roomUnder shelter deck 
Galley-- Mess deckShower block Engine room Reliance II swinging compass in Whitby harbourReliance II coming out of Whitby harbour on sea trialsSea trials off Whitby  

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