New 18.5m Crabber for

Ronnie Norquoy of Celtic Dawn Fishing Ltd

Started January 2008
Finished August 2008


Description of Boat

Steel arriving ready for construction of 18.5m crabber for Ronnie Norquoy of Celtic Dawn Fishing Ltd 

The boat is to be a steel hulled motor fishing vessel, of double chine, transom stern, bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter, arranged for static gear creel fishing, fitted with a vivier tank and manned by a crew of 7 men.

 Welding frames for accommodation moduleAccommodation module under constructionConstruction on accommodation well under way 
Fabricating aft transomVivier-Galley and fuel tanks section under construction Aft transom now in placeVivier-galley and fuel tanks still under construction Plating on vivier section well under wayWelding up inside vivier 
Bottom plates on accommodation module completeWelding inside accommodationVivier-galley and fuel tank section out of fabrication shed into construction areaGalley casing-fresh water tank and vivier trunking now under construction Bulbus nose section under construction 
Fitting frames in bate store areaFitting frames in galley areaMain engine arrives

Below deck is to be subdivided by three watertight bulkheads into:-

Aft accommodation cabins with steering gear.
            Vivier and fuel tanks with galley, washroom and bait lockers over.
            Engine room.

Construction in engine room areaVivier access tunnel and pipe work being installed

Hull plating well under way showing stainless steel insert

Rope wellEngine bedsPreparing accommodation module to remove from fabrication shed 
Coming out of shedNow ready for lifting onto hull Accommodation module now in placeShower room and lobby areaPlating in accommodation areaWater tight door fitted between accommodation and lobbyPlating bulbous nose. 
Plating hull almost completeBirds eye view Forward view of engine roomBirds eye view of plating bulbous bow almost completeAluminium arrives for wheel house and shelter deckStarboard aft casingFinal welding inside fuel tanks 
Fitting bile keel on starboard sideAluminium wheel house under constructionAnchor pocket under constructionBow section comes out of fabrication shed Lifting started
Welding to hull under wayEngine now installed 
Aluminium wheel house being lifted onto aluminium shelter deckView from aftStern view of crabber 
 Welding buzz bars for aluminium to steel welding on shelter deckStern tube being fitted Installing vivier pipe work system 

The main deck is to have:-

Steel deckhouse to starboard, for: toilet, oilskins and stairs.

Galley and accommodation escape trunks to port.

Focsle store with CO2 locker.

Forward engine room access and exhausts.

Pot hauling position at starboard, forward.

Main pot shooting door in transom bulwark.

Shooting tables at starboard opening and at stern.

Crab shutes under constructionConstructing Forward--exhaust mast Forward exhaust-mast now complete and ready for painting 
Wheel house mast 
Joiners constructing bunks in accommodation blockEscape hatches from galley and accommodationWheel house mast now fitted 
Landing hatch under constructionHauling hatch under constructionFinal welding on stern tube Floor in wheel house under construction 
 Entrance to hatch accessing lobby-shower room under construction in wheel houseProtective cover now fitted over crabberLobby and second shower area under constructionFinal welding on exhaust stack 
Windows in wheel house being fittedRudder post now fittedFitting out in Lobby and second shower areaBait store painted out ready for lining 
Insulating in wheel houseProp shaft being fittedJoiner cutting panelling for fitting into wheel house Fitting of hand rails now completed Bunk in wheel house under construction Panelling in lobby-shower room complete

Shelter is to be non-weathertight, aluminium, and have a hatch over pot hauling area.

Aluminium, aft wheelhouse, and fore mast on shelter.

Panelling in accommodation well under way Preparing to fit prop Skippers bunk in wheel houseFinal welding in rope wellShooting door under constructionProgress in mess deck-galleyShowing just two of the bunks in the accommodation area, near to completionFinal phase on welding aluminium hand rails 
Fabrication of pot hauling systemFitting valve on diesel service tank in engine roomFitting intermediate shaftThrough vivier tankPot hauling work area under shooting doorFridge freezer fitted in mess deck-galley areaHull has been shot blasted and base coat of paint now applied.Pipe work out of engine room welded up and ready for galvanizing 
Fitting flooring in starboard bait store to be ready for fiber glassing Rino flooring laid under shelter deck and painters now preparing to paint underside of shelter deckMain Dimensions Painting well underway to completionPipe work now galvanized and ready for fitting. 
Length Overall 18.50 metres  
Length Register 16.49 metres  
Breadth moulded6.40 metres  
Depth moulded3.70 metres Jurastic flooring fittedPot handling area alomst complete 
 Electronics now being installed in wheel houseGalley-mess deck almost complete.Fuel capacity (approx)10,000 litres  
Fresh water capacity 4,000 litres 
Vivier gross volume (approx)38,000 litres 
Ronnie Norquoy and family arrive in Whitby to see thier new boat being launched Noronya ready for liftingSarens crane swings Noronya over the river Esk 
Covers come off Noronya ready for launch day Noronya's bow crest black raven over a celtic cross, artist Paul RobinsonNorquoy family pose after christening ceremony 
 Noronya sits safe in Whitby harbour ready for final fitting out Main working area under shelter deckCrab handling areaTour of accommodation awaiting carpets being laidLobby area with shower and toilet, washing machine and dryer 
Tour of wheel house 
 Laminate flooring laid in wheel houseNoronya swing compass in Whitby harbourNoronya coming out of Whitby on her sea trials 

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