Steel hulled motor fishing vessel for

Mark Anderson

Started August 2005

Copious in Shetland

Steel hulled motor fishing vessel as laid out in General Arrangement Drawing number 53305/1 Revision A, having double chine hull, sloped transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter deck. Arranged for single and twin rig trawling.

First batch of frames completed Fuel tanks  Fabrication of accommodation block Construction of engine beds in progress.
Fabrication of bulbous nose Keel laid out in yard ready for modules First module. Engine bed and fuel tanks in place Fabrication of engine room and fish room Frame fitting for fish room almost complete Accommodation module being prepared for lift Module coming into position
Making final precise adjustments Deck plating near completion Port side plating well under way  Birds eye view Bulbous bow module being lifted into position
Bulwark stanchions being welded ready for plating View looking aft Birds eye view showing forward bulkhead in place

Below deck to be subdivided by three watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, fish room and forepeak tank/store

Plating on hull bottom Rudder tube and rudder shaft arrive

The main deck is to have an athwartships, steel casing centred aft of midships for galley, mess and washroom.

Net drums come on board Main deck casing Trawl winch beds fitted 6 cylinder Mitsubishi main engine arrives
Accommodation block Aperture cut out ready for stern tube Bringing stern tube into place Stern tube fitted Hydraulic tank coming onboard Main engine coming on board Almost in final position
Power block being fitted Main trawl winch fitted Aft side to have a steel shelter and integral gallow arrangement over net drum space, continued to transom. Forward, to have a non-weathertight aluminium alloy fish handling shelter space with winch and watertight focsle store
Shelter deck under construction in fabrication shed Erecting scaffolding to take protection covers Finished section of shelter deck being lifted to position. Under shelter deck looking fordward Banana towing bar and gantry crane now fitted Forward section of shelter deck now under construction Daily service tank and hydraulic tank fitted
Shelter deck to have aluminum alloy wheelhouse, foremast and landing derrick, trawl gallows and crane with power block. Accommodation block painted out Wheel house under construction Mast under construction Welding up stern tube
Galley and mess deck being fitted with insulation and stoothing wall Galley and mess deck paneling underway Accommodation fitted out with insulation Radar and communications mast now fitted on wheel house Main mast being erected Insulating walls of wash and stowage room for oilskins underway Cod end lifting gantry
Wheel house leaving fabrication shed Starting lift  Coming into final position
Main Dimensions  Hand rails on starboard side under construction Fitting coupling to main shaft ready for gearbox
Scaffolding construction for protection cover. Length Overall  18.77 metres  61' 6"
Length Register  16.49 metres 54' 0"
Breadth moulded 7.00 metres 22' 11" Working on insulation in wheel house Welding up banana towing bar and gantry
Depth moulded 4.15 metres 13' 7"
Partitions,panelling and insulation in accommodation block well under way Draught aft (design) 4.15 metres  13' 7"
Fuel capacity (approx) 18000 litres  4000 gal.
Fresh water capacity  4000 litres 880 gal. Frames for bunks in accommodation under construction. Shower room paneled ready for tiling
Ice Locker capacity 10 tonnes  
Panelling in wheel house started Trawl rollers fitted Framing and insulation well under way in fish room Pipe work to hydraulic engine fitted Building units in galley area
Duramax cooling system fitted Rudder shaft now in place Stainless steel hydraulic pipe work for net drums Working on hydraulics in engine room Instrument panel framing, looking to port side Stainless steel hydraulic pipe work to net drums Fitting main trawl winch wire leads
Fitting main trawl winch wire leads Wire leads now fitted Polyurethane foam sprayed onto walls of fishroom prior to cladding Undercoat painting started on shelter deck Fitting Lips nozze
Grills fitted to Duramax cooling system Chart desk and cupboard under construction
 Seating in mess deck almost complete Rudder in process of fitting Frame work for seats in wheel house under construction Painting in net drum area well under way Engineer fitting hydraulics to crane
Refrigeration on bulkhead in fish room. Monitor panels in wheel house Connecting passage in accommodation Painters masking stainless steel pipes ready for painting under shelter deck Jim Johnson of Measurement systems fitting fish washer and conveyer Aft view of fish conveyer Prawn washing tank and chill dip tank installed
 Fridge and freezer fitted in galley Washer and dryer fitted Preparing floor of shower room for floor covering Floor in shower room complete
 Prawn basket tray being installed Net storage pond constructed Hull now sand blasted and primer paint on
  Painting well under way on hull Final coat of paint Paul Robinson painting numbers and emblem Name on wheel house almost complete.  
Partners LLP Mark Anderson Steven Wilcon and Andrew White ready for christening Champagne breaks over the bows of Copious
Blessing of Copious by the reverend Terry Leathley Copious stropped up ready for lift Lift off Copious takes to the water
Toilet and wet room complete Chart area in wheel house Fish room
Wheel house near completion Fish process area complete
Mess deck and galley complete Accommodation complete and taken over by crew

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