Vivier Crabber
For Alasdair & Callum  Maclean, Tobermory

Started May 2006
Completed January 2007

The boat is to be a steel hulled motor fishing vessel, of double chine, transom stern, semi bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter, arranged for static gear creel fishing, fitted with a vivier tank, dry hold, bait store and manned by a crew of 5 men. 

Accommodation module and fresh water tank under construction Frames now under construction Fuel tanks and engine beds under construction Vivier tank and forward hold under construction Accommodation and engine room bulkhead Deck plating under way on accommodation module

Aluminum, aft wheelhouse, and fore mast on shelter.

Steel arrives for new vivier crabber Bulbous nose under construction Welding up frames on Vivier tank and hold Keel laid awaiting modules Engine room&fuel tanks coming out of fabrication shed Final position
Vivier tank and hold module coming out of fabrication shed Lifting Vivier tank and hold Now in final position with engine room Lifting accommodation module Coming into final position Final adjustments

The main deck is to have an aft steel galley, mess and washroom casing, to starboard.  Pot hauling position at starboard, forward.  Pot shooting door in transom and in starboard side  bulwark.

Plating hull under way Bulbous nose fitted Skeg plating Flush hatch fitted
Fabricating forepeak bulkhead Plating hull nearing completipn Generators have arrived Hatches and doors have arrived Welding bulwarks Galley fitted Welding galley casing

Shelter to be non-weathertight, aluminum forward, and have hatch cover over pot hauling area.

Main engine and gearbox arrives Welding final plates
One of two Auxiliary generators arrive Facing plates now fitted on gunwales Birds eye view Aperture cut out ready for stern tube Stern tube being fitted Rudder tube fitted Final welding on engine room plates Aluminium arrives for shelter deck

Below deck to be subdivided by four watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, vivier, hold and forepeak.

Crab Chute fitted Lobster Chute being fitted Steering gear area in accommodation block now painted Construction of aluminum shelter deck now started
Mast and wheel house under construction Anchor windless now fitted Shelter deck complete and hatches fitted Anchor pocket in forepeak Aluminium wheel house under construction and in final position, with doors fitted
Main Dimensions 
Length Overall  14.95 metres
Welding escape door on galley casing Joiner fitting out in accommodation Length Register  14.15 metres Propeller now fitted Fitting bilge keel
Breadth moulded 5.90 metres 
Depth moulded 3.50 metres
Fuel capacity (approx) 8,900 litres
Fitting hand rails


Fabrication of radar mast Fresh water capacity  2,500 litres Welding up in hold Fitting bow fin
Vivier gross volume (approx) 28,000 litres
Radar mast now fitted Fitting chine bars Engine ready for lifting In final position Auxilliary engines arrive
Shower and toilet block under construction Cutting out for window in galley Main mast fitted Fitting round bar to bilge keels Lining up gear box with prop shaft Roller fitted on starboard side as part of pot hauling gear Auxhillary engines in enging room ready for instalation Vieier pump and pipe work
Erecting scaffolding to take bad weather cover Pot hauling rollers and pot handling table now fitted Aluminium shooting door now fitted Keel coolers for auxiliary engines under construction Fitting pipe work for bilge and vivier tank
Door casings and panelling now fitted in lobby Stainless steel exhausts being fitted Fitting pipe work to steering gear in accommodation block Final welding on aluminium hand rails Final welding on aluminium shelter deck
Rudder shaft now fitted Keel coolers now fitted Fitting stainless steel hydraulic pipes under shelter deck Fitting connectors to flexible hydraulic pipes Bull dog Co, sandblasting prior to painting Art work on wheel house started Alignment of engine being carried out Electriction fitting sockets and lights in accommodation
Sarens crane takes the strain on AQUILA and lift off The christening Owners, Alasdair Maclean,Anne Maclean and son Callum Maclean Owners and family Sea eagle crest on AQUILA'S bow
 Joiner prepareing polystone sheets for flooring vivier tank Joiners making oak doors and frames for galley Final painting under shelter deck AQUILA in Whitby harbour Vivier tank Joiner preparing for laying floor in vivier tank
AQUILA swinging compass in Whitby harbour
Wheel house Crab handling area Owner Alasdair and son Callum, the skipper, before leaving Whitby Toilet and wash basin View of accommodation Galley area
Aquila leaving Whitby for home AQUILA AT SEA

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